Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Divorce Diet Plan by Anne Gambina

Fourteen months ago I started writing a quickie, giveaway book to use for marketing myself as a Life Coach. In exchange for an email address, I would send a short, quirky book about The Divorce Diet. I was creating so much content, it was difficult to keep it short. Then I made the big decision .... I would write a longer book .... and sell it!!
I set timelines I stuck to, but there were parts of the book that just weren't right. I would spend time trying to force myself to get the words to say what I wanted them to express, and it wasn't happening.
I stopped forcing myself and trusted that when the time was right, the words would flow out of me.
I see now that I needed to go through all types of healing before I could completely finish the book.
Today, December 13th, I just finished the final draft. Today happens to be the 49th birthday of my brother Kevin. Kevin passed away at age 27. It took years and years and years to grieve his loss.
My Divorce Diet Plan is a book about love. It's about grieving and healing from a terrible loss and it is about love.
I have chills because I finished the book today. I could not have forced myself to finish it a day sooner. My brother had his hand on the pen too.
Off to a publisher ..... Standby for more exciting announcements!!!

{cant remember if I ran spelling and grammar check?}


  1. Congratulations on finishing the book at last! I think it’s going to be quite the fun bedside companion for anyone. Your book is definitely going to help a lot of people get through some difficult times. I’d love to pick up a copy once it hits the bookstores!

  2. Way to go! What’s the update on your book now? I hope the reception was positive. After all, you can’t find a better person to ask about divorce than one who had been through the same challenges and difficulties. :)

    Louisa Matsuura

  3. It’s sad, but we can't really deny the fact that the divorce rate around the world is increasing. I do think that your book will really help many people out there who are going through divorce and most likely, those people who have gone through it.