Saturday, January 14, 2012

What are your secrets? Do they haunt you?

Who in your past knows your secrets? Are you mad at them or afraid they will reveal your tenderness to others? Thus leaving you to be mocked and ridiculed.

Who have you shared your soul with? Is it safe?
What will you do to protect it? How do you protect your soul?

Who knows your secrets?
Did someone just come to mind that makes you nervous?

Whose secrets do you know?
Are they safe with you or do you feel powerful because you know?
Are you embracing their secrets as a weapon and feel a sense of control?

What are your secrets?
Shame? Childishness? Irresponsibility? Betrayer? Selfishness? Liar?

What can your secrets be?
Giver? Provider? Inspirer? Guide? Lover? Healer?
Would you want these secrets known?

If you melt into the courage and reach past the prickly shield you use to protect your vulnerable inside, you will see there is nothing you need protect. The blinding light within you dissolves the unnecessary shelter.

Let your secrets be that you are an anonymous giver, a source of prayer for family, friends and strangers or a wish for peace for those who cross your path.

Your secret is your powerful light. You are hiding your gift from those it would benefit.
By letting your glow emanate past your fearful protection, you will bath those in your thoughts and vicinity with grace and respect.

When anyone shares their love with you they are joining their light with yours. It is impossible to be burned by your own radiance. Resist the impulse to join another if they retreat to the shadows.

Have your secrets be a source of inspiration because they bless the lives of those you encounter.

What are your secrets? Do they haunt you?

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