Saturday, February 11, 2012


Every February we celebrate Valentine’s Day; we focus our attention on who we cherish and who cherishes us. We seem to measure it in flowers, chocolates, beautifully written cards, romantic dinners and getaways. For anyone without a special partner, it can be a sad hollow day, making a valid case for not having love in our lives. We measure our worthiness of affection with a check list. If any of the requirements are missing we can feel deprived, resentful and sorry for ourselves.
When we look to material things to determine our value, we don’t see the all encompassing worth and love that each of us possess. Love is not missing in anyone’s life. We are just looking in the wrong direction.
Hurt and fear know their job very well. They put obstacles in our path and will never stop trying to divert our attention even when we do see past them.
When we allow ourselves to see the pure innocence in everyone in our lives, we experience perfect peace. We may not be able to hold onto this thinking for very long, but if we memorize what it feels like, when we feel down ~ empty ~ unlovable ~ deprived of magic ~ we can exchange those feelings with belief ~ understanding ~ compassion ~ and forgiveness. Remember you can get back. The more you bring yourself to perfect peace, the easier it becomes.
Why is it so important to forgive those who have hurt and betrayed us? Why do we need to see them as innocent at their core? Because when we do not allow others the right to make their own painful choices, even cruel intentioned choices that have hurt us very deeply, we will not, absolutely will not, be able to see the innocence in ourselves. We will not be able to feel the peace and love that are ours.

Take your eyes off of the checklist and look in the direction of real love.

Is this easy? No, it is difficult to coax ourselves out of mistaken beliefs. What can we do? We can look to books, meditation, prayer and friends who also believe this for guidance, support and encouragement.

Whether you have a special someone or not, take your eyes off of the checklist and gaze in another direction. You will see a ~ beautiful ~ loveable ~worthy ~ person and you will feel the magic of the day we honor love.

My wish for me and for you this Valentine’s Day
~~ Eyes that see Magic ~~

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